Salmon Festival & Snoqualmie Falls

You are invited to join us this Saturday going to the Salmon Festival in Issaquah.  If you have not seen how the Salmon swim and jump upstream to their birth place to give birth to their next generation, you should come and see that yourself.  There will be food stands, parades, carnival, and other festival activities.  We will meet at noon at the Highland P&R and then take the shuttle to the Festival for lunch.  We can provide rides if you sign up here.

You can also sign up with the link below and we will contact you for ride arrangements.
Click here to sign up.

After the Salmon Festival, we will head east a little further to Snoqualmie Falls where we can see the beautiful water fall and have a very short hike.  It would be great to enjoy the sun and outdoors while you can!!

If you want to join us, you can also give us a call or text us at:
206-915-5149 (Morgan) or 206-302-8966 (Emily)


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